5. Biennale Sztuki Zewnętrznej OUT OF STH - ZAJĘCIE / MiserArt in cooperation with the t&b TransTable Projekt / Wrocław / 27. Mai – 9. Juni

The biggest BWA gallery in Wrocław.


To Everyone!

This year, within the framework of the OUT OF STH project at Awangarda Gallery, we offer you an Occupation.

If you are trying to find an interesting occupation for yourself or others, feel free to join us. We want to show and confront various kinds of urban activities which often remain unnoticed from the perspective of shopping centres and official ceremonies.

Let’s do something together!

Contemporary art is created here and now. Its shape and impact will only depend on us! It must be a challenge, confrontation with the unknown and unpredictable. It should be freed from the dictates of the market, burden of tradition, but also fashion and global trends.

We appeal to you: occupy Awangarda Gallery! Occupy those you meet there!

Collaborating, negotiating, acting for the common good, doing altruistic and sometimes completely carefree things only for the joy of participation – this is what we offer you!

This exhibition will have no traditional opening. It will keep evolving while it lasts. We also hope it will have no ending and at some point it will simply overflow with energy throughout the whole city. Visit Awangarda Gallery BWA Wrocław at 32 Wita Stwosza Street