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The first Crowdfunding wasn't successful moneywise. But we are grateful to all that backed us and value your contacts also we got to know a long term investor who is willing to sponsor the missing part. Now we are motivated to start in to a second round. To buy the most necessary machines we will need 10`200 Euro to start a small production line. In this funding period the support goes directly to the project, we won`t pay for any platform. We hope you can find a goody you d like to call your own (under the project description). Our progress will be documented on the blog, so we d love to invite you to check what s we are going to with the money. We can`t wait to FINALLY start.Thank you for helping!

As Designer-Artist-Duo «tohu&bohu»

Daria and Prisca developed the concept to upcycle old glass to smart Design. In order to create a cultural and social platform, to exchange needs and skills, to use resources that are at hand and to invest in personal and local potential.



7 steps concept


We met around a table in a far away country. Seven years later we decided to combine our skills and shared ethos. From there we created tohu&bohu – a project using art and sustainable design combining fair trade production with social engagement to create objects of basic human need.


Daria Wartalska is a professional product designer.  The initial concept for her work derived from the question: How to re-use glass bottles as an alternative to recycling them. So she created a range of glass- ware from old bottles, with ecology and social responsibility at the heart of their design.



Prisca Wuest is an artist who works in the public spheres in connection with the local communities. She was questioning: How to involve people in production and encourage them to feel valued for their work and achievements and acquire new skills. We start forming a team of designers & producers all working closing together.


In Poland there is a large proportion of people not supported by the social system and many people are living on the streets. So we decided to start our work in the west of Poland in Wrocław. 


In 2016 together with a group of homeless people in Wroclaw we improvised a ’cold glass workshop" that based on mechanical processes like: cutting, grinding, polishing, and gluing so don’t require as much expertise or energy.


To make this production work long term we need to set up a newly equipped workshop that will have all the machines needed to produce our simple designed products.


Our future vision is to adapt this concept to more possible places in Europe. In different surrounding and with different local resources, it combining fair trade production with social engagement to create Disign of basic human need.


Working with glass requires professional skills and machinery. However, for our first production line, we have chosen to use ’cold glass techniques’ as these techniques are based on mechanical processes like: cutting, grinding, polishing, and gluing so don’t require as much expertise or energy. This will also enable the workshop to run as a self organized cooperation. We are starting with a small production of tableware glass items made from glass bottles.





 Wolli Glasses Karlsruhe 100.-
Theres Support Aarburg 50.-
tw Carafe+Support Unterseen 250.-
SB Glasses Zürich 100.-
RM Glasses Berlin 100.-
Thaïs Postcard Berlin/Luzern 20.-
Simon Lu Tabel guest Luzern 50.-
Krystyna Postcard Kluczbork 20.-
Yoni Tabel guest + piece
Zürich 100.-
Christina 2x espressos Uster 100.-
Jules & Garfield "gold-members" Dorset, UK 250.-
KarinA espresso cup Luzern 50.-
SH espresso cup Luzern 50.-
UN espresso cup Pfinztal 50.-
Janina Postcard Berlin 20.-
S&M Visit+ Bern 999.-
Total  2309.-




Udo Sponsor  Süddeutschland 500.-
db Sponsor Solothurn 5`000.-

Total 5 500.-


Goodies for your support


Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.


Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.

** the be pick up points for all orders are at this places: Berlin, Karlsruhe, London, Wrocław, Krakow, Berne, Zurich, Lucerne and Interlaken. Personaly, we will bring them antill the end of summer 2017.


Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.

Many thanks to you!

Best regards Daria und Prisca

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