We met around a table in a far away country. Seven years later we decided to combine our skills and shared ethos. From there we created tohu&bohu – a project using art and sustainable design combining fair trade production with social engagement to create objects of basic human need.



Prisca Wüst

Media & Art in public

Berlin / Luzern


T: +49 (0)159 04 22 55 25



Daria Wartalska

upcycling glass & applied art

Berlin / Wrocław


PL/ 00 48 512 243 065



I am Prisca Wuest. I am an artist who works in the public space and with local communities. I was questioning: How to involve people in a design or art production and encourage people to feel valued for their work and achievements and acquire new skills? I m working collectively with the local community and im particularly interested with conecting with people from different backgrounds.

I am Daria Wartalska and I am professional product designer who many specialises in glassware. I am currently doing a doctorate in sustainable design. The initial concept for my work derived from the question: How to re-use glass bottles as an alternative to recycling them. I mainly work with up-cycled materials, with ecology and social responsibility at the heart of their design.

 2015* lives and works in Berlin and Luzern, CH

2015* foundation tohu & bohu, Berlin, D

2012 - 2015 diverse Collaboratin Work for Institutions in Culture /Art and Social fields.2012 - 2014 / Collabroation Artists Residency in Ticino, Sasso Residency, CH

2012 - 2015 / Master of Arts in Fine Arts, Major Art in Public Spheres, Luzern

2010 -12 / Kulturhaus Zollhaus, Luzern

2010 / Exchange Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Video & Art, Jerusalem, IL

2008 - 11 / Bachelor of Arts_ New Media, Education, Luzern



2014* living and works in Berlin and Wrocław, PL running glass studio in Berlin2015* foundation tohu & bohu, Berlin, D

2014 / Teaching Glass Design in the Art Academy of Sarajevo, BIH

2011 - 14/ Running a glass and ceramic design studio ('COOP Workshop') in Wrocław, Poland and Designer in Panda Studio, Wrocław, PL

2013 / Recycling Design Prize 2013, Marta Herford Museum, D

2012 - 14 / Master Studies at Wroclaw University, History of Art

2010 / Master of Arts, spec. Glass designe at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław, PL

2009 - 2010 / Stypendium at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, IL



+ 48 512 243 065

+ 49 159 042 255 25


Studio address

Grabiszyce Górne

142.59-820 Lesna



Association address
Mühleholzstrasse 45

3800 Unterseen